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Doppelganger Shows Next Week!

Nicole is in town so we’re going to do some shows!

-Monday Aug 19th, 2013 8PM @ UCB Chelsea

Reserve tix here:

-Friday Aug 23rd, 2013 11PM Gadget Hour @ Richmond Shepard Theater

309 East 26th Street NYC

Maybe more shows? I don’t know, ask us to do your show next week and maybe we’ll available to do it!


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6/28/13, 12:41pm
DG in DCM!

Doppelganger returns to the Del Close Marathon this June! And we’ll all be there!!

June 28th 7:30PM at UCB Chelsea


HI! We’re in Cage Match tomorrow night and we’re really excited about it!

We’re up against What I Did For Love, so it’s bound to be a good show. There’s no doubt that it will be! Come on down to the UCB Theater for a good time!

Thurs 1.17.13 11PM UCB Chelsea

Make reservations here:


Hi hi hi! Nicole is in town and we’re in UCB Cage Match tonight! Come see us get crazy and suck each other’s dicks on stage!

11PM at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater

Announcement and Last Gets Inked Show

Hi folks!

So one of our Doppelgangers, Nicole Byer, will be moving to LA in a month! This is fantastic news and we are extremely proud of her. We know she’s going to kick so much ass while she’s out there.

Since this change is happening for an undetermined amount of time, and since we are such a small group, Doppelganger will have to take a break from our regularly scheduled shows at UCB. We had an amazing run and we are so grateful for the opportunity to perform on a regular basis at our home theater. Thank you UCB, Anthony King and Nate Dern for giving us so many great opportunities. And thanks to all the people whoever watched a Doppelganger show. I know we always had a blast, and we hope you did as well.

Our last Doppelganger Gets Inked show is this Friday Sept 28th 7:30PM at UCB East. You can make reservations here:

We’re paired with Sandino: Unsolved Mysteries. We’re happy to be paired with this team because they mean a lot to us. We both formed around the same time in Spring of 2010, and according to Will Hines they were our improv doppelgangers (as far as energy, organics and passion).

This isn’t our last show ever, not even close. We have a few other shows in October before Nicole leaves. Check the Shows page on this site for more info on that. And we’ll perform together whenever we’re all in the same town.

Thanks again for all the support, and we’ll be seeing you :)


The Ladies of Doppelganger

Get Inked Tonight @ UCB Chelsea!

We’re getting inked 6:30PM tonight at UCB Chelsea!

Click here to make reservations:

We’re getting inked again this Thursday! 7:30PM at UCB East, paired with Sandino: Unsolved Mysteries!